Top 10 Best Comedy Actors in Tollywood

Tollywood has seen some of the most legendary comedy actors over the last several decades. While comedy actors like Relangi and Padmanabham will forever remain legendary, and rooted in the minds of Telugu audiences, there are several other comedy actors that have cemented themselves in the industry. Here’s a list of the top 10 comedy actors in Tollywood.

Top 10 Best Comedians in Telugu

1. Brahmanandam

Brahmanandam Comedy

Dr. Brahmanandam started off his career with Pasivadi Pranam in 1987 but gained wide recognition with director Jandhyala’s Aha Naa Pellanta, which some think is the debut film of the actor’s. Aha Naa Pellanta cemented Brahmanandam as one of the most sought-after actors and comedians of the Telugu film industry. Since 1987, the actor has never taken a break from acting, and even holds a Guinness record for appearing in the most number of films for any actor. In the last few years though, the actor has been away from films, occasionally appearing in some unforgettable roles, as in Jaathirathnalu. Till today, Brahmi, as he is lovingly called by the Telugu audiences, remains an all-time favorite comedy actor for all.

2. MS Narayana

2. ms narayana

He is one of the most legendary comedy actors that Tollywood has seen in the last few decades, and whose loss can never be replaced. Tollywood lost this legend in 2015, but his work continues to remain in everyone’s hearts. MS Narayana made his foray into films during his mid-40s, with Pedarayudu, in 1995, but soon established himself as one of the most sought-after comedy actors in the industry. He even made a record by starring in over 700 films in just 17 years, when Brahmanandam did it in 20 years.

3. Sunil

Sunil In Talks For This Remake

While Sunil may be dabbling his hands at various roles right now, including that of leading actor and even the antagonist, he started off his career as a comedian, with Nuvve Kavali, in 2000, and very soon established himself as one of the most hilarious comedy actors in the industry. His comedy in the film Santosham remains iconic to date, with everyone watching his scenes as a major stress buster.

4. Venu Madhav

Comedian Venu Madhav, Venu Madhav Movies, Katamarayudu Movie, pawan kalyan, Director Dolly,

Venu Madhav is another actor whose loss still remains at large in the Telugu film industry, and whose impact will forever be remembered by the Telugu audiences. He was known for his unique sense of humor and body language. His most memorable works to date remain Sye, Samba, and his work as the pretentious Tamil director Senthil, in Nenithe, is one of the most famous and frequently watched scenes even now.

5. Ali

Ali To Act As This Bharat Ratna

Ali started out his career as a child artiste and made his way into being one of the most popular comedians in Tollywood. Ali has even delivered several successful films as a lead actor but has always continued to be a comedian. He became very famous in the late 90s for his unique Katravelli language and his rib-tickling scenes alongside Brahmanandam in several films.

6. Saptagiri

Star comedian Saptagiri donates for Corona relief

Saptagiri has been in the industry for a very long time, having made his debut with Puri Jagannath and Allu Arjun’s Desamuduru in 2007. However, he gained massive recognition with Venkatadri Express. Since then, he went on to star in several films, big and small and continues to entertain the audiences.

7. Vennela Kishore

7. vennela kishore

Kishore made his debut with Vennela in 2005, and his performance in the film was so memorable that it became a part of his name. While he made his debut in 2005, he gained wide recognition in 2010, when he was seen as Ram Charan’s friend in Orange. From Dookudu in 2011, Kishore became one of the most prominent and busy comedians in the industry.

8. Raghu Babu

8. raghu babu

Raghu Babu made his debut as a character artist in negative shades but forayed into comedy very soon. Raghu Babu happens to be senior actor Giri Babu’s son, but he managed to create a separate image for himself, and never depended on his father’s image. Raghu Babu’s comic performances in some films like Attharintiki Daaredi and F2 are some of his most memorable performances.

9. Priyadarshi

9. priyadarshi

Priyadarshi Pulikonda may not have debuted with Pellichoopulu, but made a bang of an impression with the role of Kaushik in the film. His dialogue ‘Naa Saavu Ne Sastha, Neekenduku’ remains one of the most iconic lines in contemporary Telugu cinema. Priyadarshi has never limited himself to starring in just comedy roles and is regularly seen playing the lead in web series, and web films.

10. Rahul Ramakrishna

10. rahul ramakrishna

Rahul Ramakrishna made his debut with a short film called Sainma in 2014 but was recognized widely after his performance as Shiva in Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Arjun Reddy, in 2017. Since then the actor has appeared in various films and has given some of the most memorable performances. His performance in the most recently released Jathirathnalu has been one of his finest so far.