Tollywood’s release dates expected very soon?

While the Telangana govenremtn clearly stated that the Telugu Film Industry is free to release their films in theatres whenever they want to, Tollywood filmmakers don’t seem to be ready to release their films theatrically yet, for several reasons. However, it now looks like Tollywood filmmakers might finally go ahead with announcing their release dates.

Actor Satya Dev’s upcoming film, Thimmarusu, has been the first Telugu film to have gotten a release date. The film is all set to release on July 30th. The film is directed by Sharan Koppisetty and produced by Mahesh S Koneru and Yarabolu Srujan, while Priyanka Jawalkar and Ajay are playing important roles in the film.

Now that one film is gearing up for a theatrical release, there are expectations and specualtions that other film producers will also start to announce their release dates very soon. There are several films ready to release, which have been put on hold for all of these months, due to the second wave of coronavirus. It is now to be seen which film will go ahead with a theatrical release post Thimmarusu. Given that several festivals are around the corner, from August, Tollywodo can be expected to be back in action very soon.

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