Tollywood’s gap between web content and films

Hollywood stars are known to frequently appear both in theatrical films and in web series and web-based films as well. There’s no particular divide between web-based content and theatrical content in Hollywood, and both of them co-exist. In fact, web-based content is even recognised at the Oscars, as mainstream only.

With no particular divide existing between both the mediums in Hollywood, actors are often seen doing a lot of stuff, and new actors are being recognized in a major way. However, the scenario in Tollywood is entirely different. Our mainstream actors don’t prefer to go anywhere near web-based content, and stick to their guns, by opting to appear in theatrical films only.

The increasing popularity of OTT platforms is changing the picture, but big stars continue to be confined to theatrical releases itself. The only prominent actor from the South Film Industry to have stepped into the digital arena boldly is Samantha Akkineni, who gave a stellar debut with The Family Man Season 2. This has paved the path to several other actors who are now looking t promising digital content, which is getting fans to hope that their favourite actors will also be seen in web-based content very soon.

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