Tollywood’s dearth of antagonists being highlighted

The Telugu film industry has a wide range of actors who are talented beyond belief and can switch into any character they are given. While this is inarguably true, the fact that Tollywood lacks proper antagonists is also something that cannot be denied.

There are a lot of protagonists in town, but very few antagonists, who keep changing according to the season. The minute one actor gains recognition or scores a hit as an antagonist, that actor would be in great demand. However, once the actor has done a dozen or so films, where he is either seen as the lead antagonist once again, or as a supporting actor, the actor would start to fade away, and another actor becomes the flavour of the season.

Due to the shortage of actors who play antagonists, though, the actors who have previously played similar characters are often repeated and typecast in the same roles, due to their proven skills, and also due to the lack of antagonists. The next examples of this are Jagapathi Babu and Prakash Raj, who are the most sought after antagonists in Tollywood. While these actors have played almost every negative shade they can, they continue to be cast as the lead villain, due to their skill and also because they speak the language. With the increasing number of talent in the industry right now, here’s hoping more and more actors who could play the lead antagonists would turn up.

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