Tollywood’s budgets only increasing, but what about success?

There’s no doubt in the fact that Tollywood has been the solution to the lack of proper entertainment in theatres, especially after the pandemic. Given the high rate of success and the wide appeal of Telugu films in the country, it is only natural that filmmakers would want to broaden their horizons.

However, while broadening of horizons works out for a few filmmakers – those who have noted names headlining their projects, and are well established themselves – it doesn’t work out for others. Despite the factor of doubt, many filmmakers are increasing the budget of their films tenfolds, making them the costliest films of that particular actor’s career.

On the other hand, while ticket prices are being increased, footfalls are seeing a rapid decline as the tickets are being priced at really high rates. Considering all of these factors, there’s also the factor of whether or not the film will turn out to be a success. If the film gets a good response, there’s still no guarantee that it will recover all the investment, considering the situations. As a result, it needs to be wondered how and what is driving filmmakers to increase their budgets, especially when there’s no guarantee they’ll get the money back.

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