Tollywood’s big films in a huge fix again?

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has been the worst for the country, having taken lakhs of lives, devastating everyone in the nation. This has increased the sense of safety in everyone, making everyone cautious about their surrounding, more so than ever. While other industries are somehow surviving this new over-cautious routine, the exhibition industry has been thoroughly affected.

Only now is the exhibition industry once again starting to survive decently enough, with films being released every week, at least in the Telugu states. With a third wave attacking countries like China and USA, and with flights and other sorts of travel from the former being put on hold right now, due to the number of cases, and the number of cases once again seeing a surge in India, fear has once again started to brew in everyone.

With a possible third wave right around the corner, all of the big films that are gearing up for release in Tollywood are now at huge risk. With most of the films scheduled to release in January next year, and some of them in December this year, it is now to be seen if these films will safely make it to the bay, or if they would be affected.

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