Tollywood’s actors breaking stereotypes

Stereotyping is common in any film industry, be it Hollywood, Bollywood, or Tollywood. Actors who play certain kinds of roles are repeatedly offered the same kind of roles, often known to audiences as what they play.

In the current generation though, actors are avoiding being typecast at all times, by playing various roles, through various forms of content. Actors are currently not limiting themselves to just the theatrical form of films, but are also exploring various other platforms, predominantly the OTT space, in the form of web series and web films. Even several established and senior actors are exploring various roles through these platforms.

Actors like Priyadarshi, Sunil and others are trying their hands at different roles, on OTT platforms, apart from their regular roles in theatrical, big-budget films, alongside big actors. This trend is currently going on in other industries as well, in Bollywood, Kollywood and other film industries too. OTT platforms are also giving a lot of opportunities for aspiring filmmakers, and actors.

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