Tollywood: Star power to remain unchallenged!

Tollywood has been going through a crisis for a few months now, with the lack of a proper box office hit. As a result, the producer’s guild decided to pause all shootings and meet up to decide on the right course of action from here on. They have been meeting frequently since August 1st, which was when all shootings in Tollywood came to a stop.

One undeniable fact is that the main reason for the inflated budgets of films these days is the insane amount of remuneration being paid to actors. Everyone thought that the producers would man up and try to convince actors to slash their paycheques, and reduce budgets, which would in turn, not impact the ticket prices – one of the main reasons for films not doing well at the box office.

However, it is now being said that this is not going to take place, as all the producers have reportedly decided to not ask actors to reduce their remuneration, and have decided to cut costs in other areas. All in all, Tollywood producers seem to have decided to not question star power, and play by their rules.

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