Tollywood once again repeating its regular habits

The Telugu Film Industry is one of the most hardworking and promising film industries in the world, churning out hundreds, if not thousands of movies every year. Most oriented towards commercial cinema, Tollywood never fails to deliver its fair share of innovative films to audiences, always keeping them entertained. However, there are some habits that Tollywood has been known for, for long.

There are a lot of actors in the industry, with most of them opting to play the lead protagonists in any film, and very few going the other way. As a result, there’s a dearth of leading antagonists in the industry, which forces filmmakers to re-cast the same actor, time and again, in several films, as the leading antagonist, for a season, until a new face replaces him.

The current trend is filmmakers casting actor Srikanth as the lead antagonist in their films. Srikanth started out his career playing negative shades but eventually worked up to playing the lead actor. He is currently playing the lead antagonist in Boyapati and Balayya’s Akhanda and has also been roped in as the big baddie in Ram Charan’s film with Shankar.

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