Tollywood headed for another lockdown?

The Telugu Film industry shut down twice in the last two years, due to the two waves of the coronavirus pandemic. While the first wave was bad enough, the second wave was devastating for everyone, so much more than the first. The daily wage workers suffered due to the lockdown, and will once again suffer if the industry goes into a lockdown. However, if the number of new cases continues to rise, then the industry would have no other option but to halt shooting.

It is already being said that some top actors have already decided to complete their ongoing schedules and then take a break until things normalise once again. Many other film industries in the country have already shut down, and the Andhra Pradesh government has already announced a 50% occupancy in theatres, and a night curfew as well.

Sources say that the Telangana government might also do the same, or call for a shutdown of theatres very soon. Considering that no other films are scheduled to release any time soon, apart from the upcoming Sankranthi releases, it is being said that Tollywood is highly likely to shut down in the coming days.

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