Tollywood goes back to square one

The Telugu film industry has always suffered from one consistent problem more than anything else, and it’s the lack of enough leading ladies. While at least one new face is introduced every year, it’s very rare that someone actually sticks and makes it to the big league. There are several actresses in the industry currently, who have been working for years but haven’t been able to make it to the big leagues.

As a result, currently, there are only two actresses that are keeping busy with big-league films, Rashmika Mandanna and Pooja Hegde. With just two of them, combinations are getting repeated, which is especially true in the case of Pooja, who’s pairing up opposite actors for the second, or even the third time.

Filmmakers, with the quest for a pan-Indian success, are also looking towards the North, for actresses, so that they have a better reach in the markets dominated by Bollywood, which is once again limiting the number of actresses who get to work in big films.

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