Tollywood gearing up for an unnecessary clash?

Clashes between films don’t do much good to any film at all, as they split the revenue between the films that are set to be released on a given day. This can cause problems down the line, which is why big films have begun avoiding such clashes in recent times.

While clashes have mostly been avoided by almost every film that was released in recent times, two films are set to clash in the coming days. As many as three films are set to be released on October 5th, including Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Godfather, Nagarjuna’s The Ghost, and even Bellamkonda Ganesh’s Swathimuthyam. The clash of Godfather and the Ghost is itself a major deal, with many hoping that at least one film would be released on another day.

With the makers of Ganesh’s Swathimuthyam now seemingly very much intent on releasing the film on the same day, everyone is questioning the confidence with which the makers decided on such a course. All in all, it does look like Tollywood is gearing up for an unnecessary clash.

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