Tollywood Fan Wars: Pointless bickering

Tollywood is an industry that has a lot of actors and superstars. While some actors come with hoards of fans loyal to their families, some actors earn their fandom through years of hard work. Whatever the case may be, fan wars have been a common staple in the industry for a long time now. Previously, these manifested in physical forms, but now, it’s all out on social media.

Every now and then, fans of one actor keep lashing out at another actor, and the fans of this actor lash out at that one. Derogatory and downright offensive terminology is often used in times like this, making it a very ugly affair. Given that these wars take place on Twitter mostly, with hashtags, it’s all out for anyone to take a look at, which doesn’t give a good idea about the industry to outsiders.

Despite the many wars and lashing outs and name callings, it all ends in pointless bickering as the actors are all okay with one another at the end of the day, but it’s the common man that is at odds with each other.

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