Tollywood dominated by peer pressure?

Tollywood’s heroes have a special place in the hearts of their audiences, and their fans treat them as Gods. Fan wars keep breaking out every now and then, with things getting ugly very fast. This is in spite of these fans’ favourite heroes maintaining cordial relations with each other. That’s how passionate the Telugu people are, about their favourite actors and making sure that their favourite heroes always stay on top.

As a result, actors always try to make their fans happy, for if not for fans, no actor would be on the top, it’s the support from their fans that make them who they are. Actors are always competing with each other, and in the current generation, with pan-Indian films becoming a major thing, and Prabhas having been catapulted to pan-Indian stardom – something that never happened in Tollywood previously – every actor is trying to recreate that stardom, by extensively producing pan-Indian films.

With pan-Indian films becoming all the rage, actors are looking to directors from all industries of the country, and are signing on for several projects at the same time, juggling all films at the same time. As soon as one hero signs several interesting projects, fans of another hero expect the same thing to happen. As a result, actors are competing against severe peer pressure currently.

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