Tollywood continues to walk a dangerous path

There is no denying that Tollywood has been delivering back to back success in the pan-Indian level, and that other industries have been trying to catch up to the content and style of Telugu movies, with actors from other industries showing huge interest in working with Telugu directors as well. However, it also cannot be denied that Tollywood is walking along a very dangerous path.

The budgets for films are being increased every single day, and films that have been in the making since before the on set of the coronavirus pandemic, have got huge interests on them, which the filmmakers would then plan on recuperating with the means of increased ticket prices. Increased ticket prices have proven to be disastrous for Tollywood, as audiences have not been showing interest in watching a movie at such huge prices.

Moreover, the success ratio of films that have been released only in Telugu has been lesser, when compared to the pan-Indian movies. As a result, experts are of the opinion that cutting down on budgets would be a great idea, and predict that the industry would have to suffer dearly, otherwise.

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