Tollywood becomes a hotspot for other actors

Tollywood is no longer a regional film industry in India, thanks to the sensation that the Baahubali franchise has created. Ever since then, everyone has eyes on Tollywood, observing the kind of films that are produced here. Tollywood is now on the radar of Indian audiences.

As a result, the production values of films have also increased vastly, with actors, directors and producers preferring to make pan-Indian and big-budget films. We even have a pan-World film coming up, in the form of Nag Ashwin and Prabhas’s film. Tollywood’s market has increased exponentially in the last few years, making everyone to be a part of it.

Several Kollywood actors, who have varying degrees of market in the Telugu states are now looking to debut in Telugu, to further increase their market in the Telugu states. It is already known that Vijay is going to make his debut with Vamshi Paidipally’s film, and it was also said that Dhanush would be making his debut as well. According to the latest reports, Suriya will also be making his debut in Telugu very soon, with Boyapati’s film. For a long time now, Suriya has wanted to do a direct Telugu film, but it never materialised. He has a loyal fanbase here, and his films usually do well in the Telugu states. Considering that, it’s going to be interesting to see Suriya in a direct Telugu film.

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