Tollywood back in action, but has a lot to consider

The Telugu film industry was quick to get back to shooting and everything’s already going on at an escalated pace. Shootings are taking place at a great speed, and filmmakers are trying to release their films while the good time lasts. There’s no saying when the situations might get worse once again, due to coronavirus, so everyone is trying to do their best in the time they have.

At least a dozen films are ready to release right now, and many more will be ready to release very soon. The months of July and August are expected to have back to back releases, with several films releasing on the same day, as filmmakers want to get their films a theatrical run before they let their films stream on OTT platforms.

Apart from the situations that arise due to coronavirus can be considered, filmmakers are also worried about the GO that the Andhra Pradesh government passed with respect to the hike in ticket prices, and the waiving off of power bills, which the Telangana government promised to them. Due to the uncertainty of situations, filmmaking has certainly become a bigger gamble than it has ever been.

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