Tollywood avoiding clashes at all costs

The coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for filmmakers to plan their release dates, as there’s no guarantee how long everyone will be in the safe, before another wave attacks. As a result, everyone is still scared to schedule any film releases currently, and every film is trying to avoid clashing with other films whatsoever so that everyone makes a profit during these testing times.

One of the big films that is trying not to clash with any other big film is Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Acharya, which is ready for release but is being put on hold due to the lack of proper dates. Given that a massive film like RRR is scheduled to release this year in October, and since there’s still no confirmation on the films’ release date, as there are specualtions of the makers considering Sankranthi as the release date, the makes of RRR are in a further dilemma.

It is now being said that the makers of Acharya are considering two release dates for the film – Diwali or Christmas, of which Christmas is said to be the most likely date. Their final call is expected to be taken after RRR locks its release date, as Chiranjeevi is said to be intent on not wanting to clash with any big film. It is now to be seen when Acharya will finally arrive.

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