Tollywood at a standstill from today

The Telugu film industry has been working for over a hundred years and has seen a number of directors, producers, and actors. With the exception of the recent coronavirus pandemic, there hasn’t been a single instance when the industry wasn’t functioning. the Coronavirus pandemic was the first time that the industry had to shut down for several months at a stretch.

Now, the industry is once again coming to a standstill, for a completely different reason though. The daily wage workers have been demanding for a long time now, to increase their wages, but there hasn’t been any response from the federation yet. As a result, they have all decided to protest from today, bringing the entire industry to a standstill, and causing all the shootings to come to a stop.

With the protest being another financial burden for producers, who are already facing a lot of financial issues due to the coronavirus problem, it is expected that the issue would be resolved very soon. It is now to be seen what will happen in the end.

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