Tollywood aims big in August, will audiences turn up?

The second wave of coronavirus took everyone by major surprise in the second week of April, since when theatres in the Telugu states have been shut down all over again. While the governments have given permission to reopen theatres, the film industry is still thinking about the several outcomes that are plausible, given that everything’s become very unpredictable right now.

The first film to release in Telugu, after the second lockdown, is Satya Dev’s Thimmarusu, which will release on July 30th. Tollywood is also said to be planning to release some major films from August, but this is where the filmmakers are facing a huge dilemma. Audiences turned up at theatres after the first wave, given that no one anticipated a second wave, and everyone was finally relieved thinking that the pandemic was over.

However, this is now not the case, with audiences scared about a possible third wave, which experts are saying is inevitable. Considering that, Tollywood filmmakers are also doubtful of releasing their films, unable to gauge whether they will have any viewership and if they will be able to get good revenue. It is now to be seen how things will turn out for the Telugu film industry.

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