Tollywood: A rapid transformation in less than 2 years

The Telugu Film Industry has always been one of the most grounded ones since the very beginning. Right from the kind of content that is made here, to how the content is curated, everything is taken care of properly, by the filmmakers, keeping their audiences in mind.

Tollywood has also been one industry in the country that is heavily dependant on the theatre business, and probably the only industry where its audiences go to the theatre religiously, for any sort of occasion. Going to watch a film in the theatres with the family is a common practice, and going to the theatres with friends is something that brings a lot of joy to everyone. The theatre business in the Telugu states was flourishing in 2020, before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. No one saw the pandemic coming, and things were getting bigger for the industry right at that time.

While OTT platforms were already coexisting with theatres at the time, they weren’t as prominent or dominant at the time, and the original content in Telugu on OTT platforms was also not that prominent back then. However, with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, things have drastically changed, and Tollywood is currently in the position where OTT platforms are being preferred over theatre release, despite the want to do so, due to the ongoing situations, all within less than 2 years. It is now to be seen how things will transform to be, hereon.

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