Tollywood: A love and hate relationship

It is common for anyone to have a fallout or some sort of misunderstanding with another person, due to various reasons. This also happens to be the case with celebrities, but since they’re public figures, the matters get a lot worse than they actually are, due to the unwanted public attention. When there’s a fallout between two popular people, it creates a sensation, and when the two patch up, it creates another sensation.

There have been several actors who have had fallouts with several directors and then patched up with them after sorting out their problems. This is applicable to actors in Tollywood, and other industries as well. The latest sensation has been that of director Sukumar meeting Superstar Mahesh Babu on the sets of Sarkaru Vaari Paata, directed by Parasuram. It was earlier reported that the two were not on good terms, as Mahesh had rejected Sukumar’s pitch.

However, with the current photo that is trending online, where it can be seen that Sukumar and Mahesh are engaged in an animated conversation, fans and audiences are surprised, shocked and happy, to see both in the same frame. Sukumar and Mahesh’s 1: Nenokkadine is one of the most beloved films in Tollywood, and audiences are hoping that Sukumar and Mahesh collaborate soon once again, here’s hoping that they do.

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