Time Travel: The new obsession in Tollywood

It is common for any film industry to catch on tow a new trend, when they feel that it’s yielding good results, and is intriguing the audiences. There have been many such trends in the past, where filmmakers rushed to make horrors, thrillers, love stories and other kinds of films at a go, after a film of that kind worked out very well.

Now, Tollywood seems to be onto another trend, with three films based on the same concept currently in the making. Three films are currently based on the concept of a time machine, or that of time travel. This includes Prabhas’s film with Nag Ashwin, whose script was supervised by director Singeetham Srinivas, who previously helmed Aditya 369, a film based on time travel and time machine.

There’s also the sequel to Aditya 369, titled Aditya 999, which has been written by Nandamuri Balakrishna, with the help of Singeetham Srinivas, who wrote and directed the original. Balakrishna’s son Mokshagna is said to make his debut with this film, in which Balakrishna is also expected to be seen in. Then, there’s Sharwanand’s new film, which is going to be directed by a debutante. It is now going to be interesting to see how these films are going to incorporate the theme of time travel and time machines in them, and how audiences will receive these films. Also, it would be interesting to see which other filmmakers will take this route.

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