This Telugu short filmmaker from USA is making noise around the world!

We always complain about none of the Telugu Filmmakers going global or thinking beyond the Industry boundaries of Telugu Cinema. But a Telugu NRI, decided to change it. Director, Dev Pinnamaraju, made the impossible and improbable dream of many, come true.

He can directly make a Hollywood Film today as his filmmaking skill is being lauded by World all over. He achieved all this with a short film of twenty minutes length. But the content that the director touched upon is not that we can dismiss as a small regular short film.

Dev Pinn, he normally refers to himself as – researched on the conditions of people in Syria and about the war in the country. Then he determined the real humane angle behind it. He wanted to tell everything from the perspective of a child. He determined that his subject needs the eye of a young kid and heart of a true believer. He kept the title as ” I’m Gonna Tell God Everything” and God in the audience seems to have heard his story with keen ears.

On every International Film Festival, his film has become a talking point and the movie is winning prestigious awards even with big names in the league. Today, Hollywood productions are ready to start a movie with him but the humble man wants to win the Telugu audience hearts with humane stories that connect with everyone across the world.

Dev Pinn : 18 Wins , 23 Nom’s

IFFI Goa: IFFI 2019 – Honorable Mention ( Special Screening)

WWF – Best film
WWF – Best director

FFIF – Best Film
FFIF – Best director ( Nom )
FFIF – Best Music ( Nom )
FFIF – Best Actor ( Nom )
FFIF – Best editing ( Nom )

Bollywood Festival (Norway) – Best shot film
Prague Indian Film Festival – Best shot film

ASIF – Best Director

IFA – Best Director
IFA – BEST Film ( Nom)

KIMFF – Best Film (Nom)
KIMFF -Best Director ( Nom )
KIMFF- Best Trailer ( Nom)

American Golden Picture best director (Honorable Mention)
American Golden Picture – Best Shot ( Nom)
American Golden Picture – Best Child actor (Won)
American Golden Picture – Best Trailer ( Won)

His Directorial Works

1) I’m Gonna Tell God Everything


He won Best Film and Best Director @WFF Los Angeles for this short.

2) Get out of My country – Short Film

3) The Big One – it is the short film based on Biggest upcoming Disaster to west Coast.

4) No country for Women – indie film Based on Priyanka reddy case is under production

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