This director is forced to open a grocery store!

Corona Virus Disease 2019, in short, Covid-19 has become a nightmare for entire world and it has thrown many lives under the bus, all of a sudden and the number of affected patients seem to increase each day, as well. Every person is saying that 2020 needs to be forgotten but we still have 6 months to go to end the year. Well, surviving through the pandemic which lead to cash crunch is not at all easy and a Tamil director had to open a grocery store.

In these tough times, if some business is able to at least survive then, it is a grocery store. People are sitting idle at home or working from home or trying to build immunity against the disease and the demand for groceries is higher than ever. Hence director Anand decided to go for such a move. He is forced to open a grocery store. He made movies like “Oru Mazhai Naangu Saral” and “Mouna Mazhai” and worked for 10 years in the Industry in different positions. Before he took this decision to open grocery store, he was about to complete his film, “Thuninthu Sei”. The director said to press that he is happy with the way provisions store is earning a living for him and he hopes to return to filmmaking by next year.

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