Thippara Meesam

Thippara Meesam is out in the theaters now. The makers have been promoting it saying that the film is really different. Read on to see if the film is really that different or not.

Story: The film is about a guy called Mani who just hates his mom for leaving him in a rehabilitation center when he was a drug addict. So, whenever he wants the money he comes to her mother. In one such scenario, he demands her 40 lakhs and even goes to file a case on her mother to pay the money back. Why is Mani in such a bad situation that he is even framing his mother in a case? What’s his story and how his mother solves all this is the whole crux of the story.

Performances: Sree Vishnu is one hell of an actor and he proves it once again in this film. The way he does his crazy role proves his talent and showcases his acting prowess. In one scene where he is high on drugs and creates a ruckus is very good. Also, his part in the climax has been done well. But the hero of the film is actress Rohini who does her role so well that we really feel bad for her in every which way. She speaks through her emotions and stands still in all that is not going on well in the film. Banerjee was so good to see on screen after a long time. Nikki Tamboli was just there for a few good scenes.

Sree Vishnu
Last fifteen minutes

Slow Pace
Dull Narration
Fake emotions

Analysis: The stories of today’s films are more or the same alike but it is the narration that makes a lot of difference. The same was the case with this film too. A troubled guy who has issues with his mom has been dealt with in many films. But the director gave it a spin and gave an Arjun Reddy kind of an angle to the hero’s role and this is where the film falters completely.

Things look forced as the entire first half lacks any focus. So much of silly crime is shown that the audience gets irritated. Upon this, the film moves at a snail’s pace and never catches up. When Sree Vishnu and Rohini’s thread is showcased things look good but the rest of the film is jaded and has nothing to showcase.

It is only in the last ten minutes that the emotional bond between the mother and son catches up and it is nice. Besides that, the film is a lousy effort and avoidable.

Rating: 2/5

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