Things only getting worse for AP theatres

No matter what, and no matter who pleads the Andhra Pradesh government, it seems as though it is relentless in its pursuit to make Tollywood suffer, with the low pricing of cinema tickets in the state. After actor Nani made some statements about the ticket prices in AP, the government made situations worse in the state, by shutting down even those theatres that had every license and approval necessary.

Many theatre owners shut down their theatres voluntarily, saying that they are incapable of running their theatres due to the situations that the AP government is subjecting them to. So far, more than 100 theatres are said to have shut down in the state, and even those officials who had been bribed earlier, are now said to be raiding theatres and shutting them down.

Due to the shutting down of theatres, some are even saying that the exhibition industry in AP may never recuperate if the current situation persists in the following months. Considering that several big films are slated for a release in January, the situation is expected to become even terrible. It is now to be seen what will happen.

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