Thimmarusu Movie Review and Rating.!

Actor Satyadev’s new film, Timmasaru is one of the first films that was announced for a theatrical release after the Covid second wave. Directed by Sharan Koppisetty, the film is out in the theatres today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Being a sincere Lawyer Ramachandra ( Satyadev) joins a legal firm that works prominently for poor people. Soon after joining the firm, Ramachandra takes up an 8-year old cab driver murder case in which an innocent guy named Vasu (Vikram Sahidev) will be cornered. What kind of challenges will Ramachandra face after reopening the case? How Vasu became a culprit in the case? Is there any connection between Ramachandra and the murder case? To know the answer to the above questions, you have to catch the film in the nearest cinemas.

Performances: Satyadev carried the film on his shoulders and did a good job in the given lawyer role. More than in courtroom scenes, Satyadev did a natural performance in the case investigation episodes which indeed brings a lot of depth to the proceedings and elevates his characterization.

Young actor Vikram Sahidev is okay in the given key role but his role has not been established in a proper manner. Heroine Priyanka Jawalkar looks a bit chubby on the screen and has no significance in the narrative.

Actor Brahmaji evokes good laughs with his funny dialogues in Satyadev’s colleague role. 30 Weds 21 fame Chaitanya Rao is alright in the special role. Anchor Jhansi, Ravi Babu and other actors are convincing in their roles but none of them has any prominence in the narration.

Technicalities: Music by Sricharan Pakala is engaging as his background score comes as a plus point for this serious drama. Songs wise, the movie has a bit song and a dance number towards the end titles but does not help the movie in any manner.

Appu Prabhakar’s cinematography is okay but has nothing great framing and colour setup. Editing by Tammiraju is adequate as he keeps the runtime in limits.

While production design is decent, the production values for this limited budget film are good.

Analysis: Though the core point of the film is an inspiration for the Kannada movie, Birbal, the makers did not disclose it but improvised the plotline to suit our nativity. Coming to the screenplay version, it has been designed according to the scene convince for most of the time.

Director Sharan Koppisetty’s taking has a few loopholes which dilute the audience attention and has a considerable effect on the output. Especially, most of the episodes in the second half runs according to the lead actor’s thoughts and aspirations which could have been dealt in a different way with a fresh treatment.

Overall, Thimmarusu is a serious drama that revolves around a murder case. While Satyadev’s screen presence is a minus point for the film, the poor writing and lack of racy narration make the film an average fare.

Verdict: Watchable!!!

Rating: 2.5/5

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