There is no truth in those rumours about Tamannah

Many rumours have come out that Tamannah is going to marry a Pakisthani cricketer and they will announce the date post lockdown. The rumours have also suggested that the actress is signing more films to take a break post marriage. Well, those rumours are untrue. The actress has no plans to marry just as yet. She may eventually find the perfect person for her but at this point, she is looking at her career but not at marriage.

The actress wants to do more and more stuff that leaves people inspired. She wants to be known for her acting skills and she feels such movies happened very less for her. Hence, the actress wants to concentrate more on her career and do all sorts of the films, it seems. Whenever, she decides to settle down, she would love to announce that at the top of her lungs and then she wants to keep working in the Industry only, it seems.

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