Then NTR, now Ram Charan for Rajamouli

Director SS Rajamouli delivered one of the Indian film industry’s biggest hits in the form of RRR this year. The film turned out to be a highly successful venture in all the languages it was released, collecting over Rs. 1000 Crores at the worldwide box office.

RRR gave enough importance to NTR and Ram Charan’s characters, with the actors playing Komaram Bheem and Alluri Sitaramaraju respectively. It came to light after the release of the film that a crucial sequence involving NTR was chopped off from the film, following which NTR’s fans were not so subtle in demanding that the scene be released.

Now, it has come to light that yet another scene was cut out from the film, which involves showing the birth of Charan’s Sitaramaraju. Charan’s fans are now demanding that the scene be released somehow. It should now be seen whether or not Rajamouli will choose to release the deleted scenes at all.

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