Theatres in AP struggling to survive

The theatre business took a major hit in 2020, due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The first wave of the virus resulted in the shutting down of the theatres in the state for over six months, and it was in December 2020 that theatres in both the Telugu states reopened. Despite being permitted only 50% capacity, the theatre business saw good results.

Eventually, theatres all went back to 100% capacity, and things looked good. However, theatres were once again shut down due to the second wave of coronavirus. After several months, theatres in the Telugu states reopened just yesterday. While the Telanagana government allowed 100% capacity, the Andhra Pradesh government is only permitting 50% capacity, and there are also limitations on the ticket pricing in AP.

Ticket prices in Telangana are flexible, and even parking charges have been reintroduced in the state, while the AP government hasn’t done any of that, and has released a GO regarding the fixation of the ticket prices. Moreover, due to the night curfew in AP, only three shows are permitted in a day, which would only result in decreased revenues. Hence, whether or not a film is a success or not, the revenues for theatre owners are dwindling, thus pushing them into a crisis, leading them to struggle to survive.

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