Telugu stars making amazing gestures during crisis

Tollywood is an industry that steps in to help each other during any crisis, and always stands for each other. This was proved time and again during many occasions when actors and others stood for each other, and when they all stood together for others.

Last year, a huge amount was donated by Tollywood actors and other filmmakers, to the CMRF of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, to help the people of both the Telugu states. The first wave of the pandemic saw the stars of Tollywood unite together against the virus, for the Telugu people. While the response during the second wave was not similar, actors, directors and producers have made sure to vaccinate their teams, which eased the burden of a lot of families.

Several stars – like Chiranjeevi – also took care of daily wage workers, who suffered and are suffering the most due to the pandemic and the resultant lockdowns. The daily wage workers have been the worst hit as their livelihoods came to a standstill due to the lack of shootings. Now that shootings are set to resume once again, here’s hoping things will be fine here on, and that Tollywood will forever remain united this way.

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