Telugu OTT content: Gradually raising standards

The Telugu audiences, and the filmmakers of Tollywood, have always been accustomed to theatrical content and watching movies in the theatres. While the concept of OTT wasn’t particularly new before the coronavirus pandemic, the pandemic, made the Telugu audiences closer to OTT content, and filmmakers more open to producing OTT content.

A lot of trials have been made so far when it comes to creating original Telugu content for OTT platforms, and there have been varying degrees of success. Some films that were meant for the theatres were release on OTT and turned out to be successful as well, and some surprised the audiences with their success. Currently, almost every OTT platform has interesting content coming up in Telugu, the most notable being The Baker and The Beauty.

The Baker and The Beauty stars Santosh Sobhan in the lead role, who rose to fame with Ek Mini Katha, a film that showed the audiences his capability as an actor. The teaser of the web series was released recently, and has garnered a positive response from the audiences, and the web series will start streaming on Aha from September 10th.

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