Telugu Horror film “Maranam” with never seen before concept… Coming Soon

Young actor director Veer Sagar who known for acting in directing many feature films and short films. Now he is coming up with different concept Horror film “Maranam”. The Theatrical Trailer is out and it is getting huge from the netigens. Audiences are praising the trailer for it’s visual effects, sound effects and the main concept of dream traveling. As the Trailer is getting huge response, makers are planning to release the film soon.

Sree Rapaka of RGV’s Naked fame is playing the main lead role and Veer Sagar is directing this film and also playing the protagonist role. Hrithika singh, prarthana huparikar, Madhuri Chiguru, Mamatha Bhaskar, sandeep kadime, Harish KHM, Satish Saripalli and others play other important roles.B Renuka is bankrolling it.

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