Telugu audiences getting a pan-India fatigue?

There is no denying the fact that every Telugu audience is proud and happy that Telugu films are doing spectacularly at the box office across India, and in the world as well. Also that Telugu cinema is raising the standards of Indian cinema with its filmmaking techniques and its films that have a world-class appeal. However, the fact that Telugu films that are being made on a pan-Indian scale are scarcely doing very well with the Telugu audience and at the Telugu box office.

This has been the case with Pushpa: The Rise, and even RRR to an extent. RRR became box office gold, but audiences had their own qualms with the film. As for Pushpa, audiences felt that Allu Arjun didn’t get the kind of elevations he deserves. However, both these films managed to become major box office successes, receiving high praise, in other states in India.

With so many actors gearing up for pan-Indian films, fans are getting equally excited and worried, excited as the market increases, and worried that the Telugu nativity would be lost in these films, which is happening consistently with pan-Indian films. As a result, it looks as though Telugu audiences are experiencing a pan-Indian fatigue right now.

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