Tamil ‘Arjun Reddy’ won’t release

Arjun Reddy became a huge sensation at the box office for Vijay Devarakonda and established him as a star and brilliant actor at the box office. Tamil version direction is taken over by Bala.

He earlier made films like Sivaputhrudu but he is not in his best of form, these days. The teaser and trailer of Varma, did not appeal the audiences and Dhruv Vikram got trolled by Tamil and Telugu social media addicts.

Dhruv is the son of Chiyaan Vikram and it is Vikram sho set up the project to launch his son. But E4 Entertainment has decided to not release the version directed by Bala and instead go for a complete re-shoot.

They announced that Dhruv will play the lead role and the movie team will find a new director for June release. Other details will be revealed soon.