The story of films and their shelving

A number of films are made every year, around the world, but only a small portion of them get to be completed, and a smaller portion of them get to be released. Whether big names are a part of the project or not, sometimes projects are shelved due to various reasons that aren’t known to the public.

A number of films have been shelved in Tollywood as well, over the years, and proper reasons haven’t yet come out. These films include that starring big actors and others as well. There are also those films that completed shooting but never got to be released, due to various factors. A number of films have been shelved in recent times, and some projects, while not shelved, are still in the works.

Now, two projects of a single director have been shelved, and the reasons aren’t known. Two of director Teja’s projects have been shelved, including his film with Gopichand and Rana Daggubati. Earlier, his film with Venkatesh was also shelved, and the reason for it isn’t known yet. Rana recently confirmed that he has only two films in hand, apart from Bheemla Nayak, including Milind Rao and Gunasekhar’s Hiranyakashyapa.

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