The side effects of great expectations!

It is very common for audiences to have great expectations on a film, especially when the people involved in that particular film are renowned, and have produced amazing products in the past. While this is very good for the filmmakers, as the revenues would soar on the first day, it is also a great drawback for filmmakers as the film would turn out to be a huge disaster if the expectations are not met with.

There are several films that fall under this category, including Shankar’s I and many other films, which had great expectations on them, but turned out to be disasters as the audiences expected a lot more from those films. The same has now become the case with Maniratnam’s Navarasa, which has great expectations on it but has turned out to be disappointing.

Navarasa is currently appealing to only a few audiences, and only parts of it are said to be appealing, while the rest of it is said to be a bore. While that is true, the frames and the making of Navarasa is being praised immensely, and the web series has been one of the most anticipated ones for a long time, due to the talent involved in the project, right from the actors to the directors.

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