The sad reality of not casting older heroines in India

We have actresses ranging from young to middle-aged and old, in the Indian Film Industry. Actors and actresses from all languages keep working regularly in other languages, and that’s how the Indian Film Industry works. This pretty much means that there’s no shortage in the supply of actresses in our industry. And yet, the sad reality of older, versatile actresses not being cast in apt roles never comes into existence.

For example, looking at Hollywood, we see actresses belonging to all age groups being cast in various roles appropriate to them. There’s no age bar, per se, for any actress, and once someone is accomplished enough, they would never run out of work. Married actresses, middle-aged, and old actresses, are always seen essaying a wide variety of roles in Hollywood, on any given day.

While Bollywood is a lot better in this aspect in India, Tollywood constantly finds itself in a tight spot, when actresses of the wrong age are cast in a certain role that’s meant for older actresses. The same goes for really young actresses being cast opposite older actors, which makes it uncomfortable for the viewers to watch. However, credit to be given where it is due – Tollywood too is slowly opening up, with married actresses working without a problem, and actresses getting better roles than they used to, previously.

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