The reason behind Anupama Parameswaran staying away from her own industry

Anupama Parameswaran hails for Kerala and she predominantly belongs to Mollywood. We all know that. But the actress apart from her debut film Premam has acted in only one movie Jomonte Suvisheshangal. What’s the reason behind that? Why has she stayed away from her own industry?

Well, the heroine reveals the reason in a recent interview, “When I have done Premam, I don’t know much about the industry. I have done what I was told to. I didn’t even know how to speak in a polished way in an interview. I have attended many interviews at the time of the movie release as I was told to. But later I was criticized so much as my role is limited in the movie. People started trolling me by stating that I had used publicity for my personal growth. I was really hurt by the trolls. So I decided to stay away. I have rejected many films after Premam” she concluded. Anupama is in talks for a couple of Tollywood films. She has one each in Tamil and Malayalam industry now.

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