The plight of senior heroines in Tollywood

The Telugu Film Industry is constantly flooded with newer heroines, where one replaces the other within a very short period of time. Filmmakers usually sign on whoever appeals the most to the audiences at that time, which makes it a tough space for actresses to prove their mark. Sometimes, despite being flooded with opportunities, heroines quickly start fading out due to back to back flops, or due to other reasons.

At a time like this, the position for senior actresses in the industry gets a bit tough. If the actress has established herself as someone who can lead a movie on her own shoulders without any other star power, it’s a completely different story in that case. However, if the actress confines herself to being part of the bigger picture, with a hero always headlining that film, then it gets entirely difficult for that actress, as she will have worked with almost every star hero by then, and star heroes are usually not in the process of repeating their heroines.

This has become a cause for concern now, for actresses like Kajal Aggarwal, who are being approached by filmmakers to play the female lead in the films of senior heroes. As a result, Kajal recently slashed her remuneration by half, hoping to get back in the game. Audiences feel that our filmmakers should start giving more importance to female leads in their films as well, instead of using them just as eye candy.

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