The perfect theatrical experience finally makes a comeback!

The coronavirus pandemic changed everything as we know it, and the second wave of the pandemic made things a lot worse for everyone. Watching movies in theatres was culturally significant for everyone, especially for those in the Telugu states, and this experience was lost on the audiences due to the pandemic. While theatres were reopened after the first and second waves as well, the audiences were not treated to the perfect theatrical experience.

As a result, people stuck to watching cinemas on OTT platforms, which greatly impacted the revenue of films while in theatres. This caused a major doubt in filmmakers, who began to wonder if audiences would get back to the theatres like before, and if releasing big films in theatres right now was a good idea. Things have finally reached a better place, thanks to Balakrishna’s Akhanda, which is roaring at the box office, minting money.

Even those who haven’t been to the theatres since the onset of the pandemic are rushing to the theatres to watch the film, thanks to the perfect theatrical experience the film is offering the audiences. At last, it is safe to say that the ever magical theatrical experience is back!

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