The negative impact of OTT releases: More than what meets the eye

OTT releases are a blessing in disguise for filmmakers without a doubt, as OTT spaces are providing great relief to filmmakers in the current situation, where producers are bearing heavy financial stress as they are unable to release their films in theatres on time, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While the relief that OTT platforms are providing filmmakers is something that cannot be downplayed, the fact that this is hampering the ownership rights of the producers to their project, cannot also be denied. When OTT platforms, especially big ones like Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, Netflix, and the like take over a project, it is not often that they give full freedom to the producers, as they have their own marketing strategies and other ideas for the promotion of a film.

This was witnessed clearly during the trailer launch event of Natural Star Nani’s Tuck Jagdish, where the producers weren’t even called on stage, and Nani was asked to speak in Hindi. Amazon Prime’s agenda seemed to be completely different from the agenda of the makers of Tuck Jagdish. Given the global outreach of OTT platforms, a lot of baggage is involved with releasing films on OTT platforms, one that can get out of hand if negotiations aren’t done properly.

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