The future of Tollywood now depends on AP government

The Andhra Pradesh government is causing the biggest hurdles for the Telugu film industry currently, by not cooperating when it comes to the pricing of tickets, and by even declaring that tickets should be bought online, through a government portal. This is turning out to be a huge loss for Tollywood producers, who aren’t able to get enough revenues, thus running into deficits as a result.

The Telangana government is giving its full cooperation to Tollywood, when it comes to the exhibition industry, thus helping the industry in trying to go back to how cinema was enjoyed by the audience before. The greatest hindrance to this, thus, is the AP government, which is imposing weird restrictions on how cinema should function, for the first time in the history of Indian Cinema.

The AP government has been criticised heavily for its decisions, and with Pawan Kalyan’s speech at Republic pre-release event yesterday, it is now to be seen if the AP government will take any positive and constructive action towards the exhibition industry in AP, and contribute towards the betterment of the cinema viewing experience for the audiences, in theatres.

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