The first Supergirl in Telugu is here!

Everyone loves superhero films, so much so that whenever a superhero film is released, it easily dominates every other film and even grosses the highest. So far, there hasn’t been a single superhero film in Telugu, and this gap is being bridged by director Prashanth Varma, who is making the first superhero film in Telugu, with Hanuman.

Now, the first female superhero movie is being made in Telugu, with Stephen debuting as the director, and Stanley Suman Babu P under the banner ‘Veronica Entertainments’. Sai Kartheek has been roped in to score the music for this picture, while Chota K Prasad is on board as the director. The producer said that the casting for the film is still in process and that the details of the cast will be announced soon.

Titled Indrani, the first female superhero in Telugu could be anyone, the producer said, with either a known face or a newcomer playing the titular character. He also said that Indrani is going to be full of spectacular visuals and amazing stunts.

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