The first mega film to release this year has no buzz!

Any Mega film that is up for a release usually carries a really good buzz surrounding it, with lots of promotions being done for the film. Mega fans can be seen talking about the film and promoting it very well on social media platforms, but this is not the case for the Mega film that is ready for release currently.

Starring Kalyan Dhev in the lead role, Super Machi is all set to release on January 14th, for this year’s Sankranthi. Considering the kind of hype that films that are released for the festival usually get, it is very strange to see that this film is getting no exposure at all. Other films that are releasing for Sankranthi, including Bangarraju, Hero and Rowdy Boys, are extensively promoting their films, but there’s nothing to be heard about Super Machi.

The main reason for this is reportedly the growing distance between Kalyan Dhev and the Mega family, which is why no one from the Mega family has come forward in support of the film. Given that Chiranjeevi is always in the front when it comes to promoting any film, and that the Mega family always supports each other, looks like this might be the reason.

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