The fate of Sankranthi 2022 now becomes a question mark

It has been announced just today that director Rajamouli’s RRR would be releasing on January 7th, 2022, for Sankranthi. This has now put all other major films that have announced their release dates around the same time, in huge confusion. Given that RRR is a massive film, with a lot of expectations on it, it may not be the safest or the best idea for several films to release around the same time.

There are several speculations that all films would withdraw from the Sankranthi season, with the exception of Prabhas’s Radhe Shyam, as the makers are said to be confident that Prabhas would be able to pull the crowds to theatres, despite RRR, due to his craze in the country, and his pan-India status.

On the whole, though, the fate of Sankranthi 2022 has now become a huge question mark, with clarity yet to arrive, over who the finalists would be in the Sankranthi release list. Given that Sankranthi is the biggest season for Telugu cinema, with many big films being released every year for the festival, most of the big films have eyed this release date.

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