The fate of cinema in AP remains confusing

The Andhra Pradesh government took several shocking decisions ever since it came to power, which upset a lot of sections of society. While all of these decisions were politically charged, and it was a political concern, one particular decision that the AP government took shook everyone to the core, as it was politically charged, but put into effect in a different way.

The AP government shocked the entirety of the Telugu film industry when it announced that the sale of movie tickets would have to be made online, through an online portal, run by the government, and that no permissions would be given for any extra, special or benefit shows. This GO was issued, despite the several requests that were made by several people from Tollywood.

Contrary to expectations though, Akhanda’s ticket sales were in the hands of theatre owners, with the GO not having been implemented properly, and bribing taking place by local MLAs, who bribed local authorities to pay a blind eye. With so much going on, and with another meeting set to take place between representatives from Tollywood and the AP government, the fate of cinema in AP continues to remain confusing.

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