The Family Man Season 2 Review and Rating!

The second season of The Family Man has been the most awaited show among netizens in recent times. Created and directed Raj&DK, the series is out on Amazon Prime Video today. Let’s see how this nine-episode show fares.

Story: After a few LTTE militant scenes, the second season shifts to the family of Srikant Tiwari ( Manoj Bajpayee). Due to family issues, he will quit TASC ( Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell) and joins a software firm as a regular employee. During this phase, Srikanth will be in contact with his NIA colleague JK( Sharib Hashmi). One fine day, Srikanth comes to know that the Indian Prime Minister is going to be attacked by Sri Lankan Tamil Rebels in Chennai at a peace meeting with the Sri Lankan Prime Minister. As a subplot, the characterization of a deadly and ruthless girl named Raji( Samantha) will be showcased. Who is Raji and what is her mission? Is Raji a part of the Tamil rebels? How will Srikanth Tiwari and his team crack and diffuses the entire assassination plan and saves the PM? forms the crucial crux.

Performances: Right from the word go, Manoj Bajpayee takes over the show with his impressive screen presence and body language. He is extremely good with his one-liner dialogues and looks convincing in the frustrated family man’s role. All the family relationship scenes between Manoj Bajpayee, Priyamani and their kids will add a lot of humour to the proceedings.

Samantha’s presence is definitely an added advantage for the second season of the show. She just lived in the role of a rebel and did a fantastic job in all the action sequences. Her intense acting as a girl on a mission will bring a lot of depth to the proceedings.

Sharib Hashmi did his part neatly as Srikanth’s colleague. Other artists like Seema Biswas are fine in their roles. Priyamani as Srikanth’s wife is okay in her role and so is the case with the kids who played the children in the series.

Technicalities: The background score by Ketan Sodha is outstanding and spread energy vibes throughout the narration. Especially, his work is clearly visible in all the key action scenes.

Cinematography by Cameron Eric Bryson is apt for the show and carries the flow smoothly. Sumeet Kotian’s editing work is cool as each episode in the series has been kept to the limits.

Writing for this thriller is good and so is the case with the production design.

Analysis: The show creators and directors Raj&DK did a lot of research for the series which is clearly visible while watching it. They presented what had in the hand with nine episodes series in 6 hours 53 minutes and did a good job.

Though the four episodes in the show have nothing great to mention, the creators balanced it in the latter parts. The screenplay version and the funny dialogues created by the team will be loved by the viewers for sure.

The action part in the series has been designed in a crazy manner and will get unanimous applause from the views. Amazon management had invested good bucks in the series which is clearly visible in all the action sequences.

In one word, The Family Man 2 has a fresh setup, great performance by Manoj Bajpayee and Samantha. If you are okay with the first four episodes, then surely the show will end up as a satisfactory watch.

Verdict: Give it a try!!!

Rating: 3/5

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