The Family Man 2 Trailer Talk: Lives up to all the hype

As promised by the creators, the much-awaited trailer of the second season of The Family Man was out this morning. As showcased in the first part, the sequel also opens with family-related problems between the lead pair Srikanth and Suchitra due to which Srikanth shifts his job and enters a new organization as a senior analyst.

Originally being an undercover investigation officer, one fine day Srikanth contacts his teammate JK and comes to know that he was struck in a hostage situation. Then the promo displays the rustic and dark shade of ISIS militants, who are bring trained to kill mass gatherings in India and one among them is Raji, the tough women in the coalition team from Chennai. Later, Srikanth moves to Chennai and how he and his team will face the circumstances and put an end to all the militant activities? Is expected to be presented with enough thrilling elements.

Starring Manoj Bajpayee, Samantha, Priyamani, Sharib among others in the prominent roles, Bollywood director duo Raj&DK are the creators of The Family Man. Being presented by Amazon Prime Video, the second season of the series is all set to stream from June 4th.